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Has a doctor recommended spinal fusion or scoliosis surgery?
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Now there is an Alternative!

Before you go any further you should speak with Dr. Hal Blatman. Dr. Blatman has developed a minimally invasive, needle surgery scoliosis treatment that can help reverse scoliosis in one or two sessions.

In one recent case, a teenage girl stood taller 1 ½ inches after 2 sessions.

Scoliosis Treatment New York City

What is Dr. Blatman’s insight that makes this possible?

Dr. Hal Blatman

Dr. Blarman’s realized that the spine of a scoliosis patient is distorted by the pulling of the fascia on the vertebrae of the spinal column. Dr. Blatman’s scoliosis treatment is simple – using a needle he is able to sever the small facial strings that are binding the vertebrae. Once released the spinal column is suddenly free to move. Patients who have suffered from even severe scoliosis can now move freely and stand up straight – often for the first time in years.

To achieve permanent results, patients continue in home physical therapy to help the spine grow in a healthy manner going forward. This may include lying on inverted tables, traction, and other forms of physical rehab. These therapies help the spine develop properly, allowing children to continue to grow to a full and healthy adulthood.

For more information – Call Us Today! (888) 330-2234.

Dr. Hal Blatman MD, DAAPM, ABIHM

Hal S. Blatman, MD is a nationally recognized specialist in treating myofascial pain. He is credentialed in Pain Management, Occupational and Environmental Medicine and in Integrative Holistic Medicine.

Dr. Blatman is one of the few pioneering doctors, who are seeking innovative solutions to issues of chronic pain and mobility. He researches and implements approaches that harness our bodies’ own healing and regenerative powers to not only relieve pain and restore mobility — but in a manner that has minimal risks or side effects.

A leader in the field of holistic pain relief is Dr. Hal S. Blatman, MD, DAAPM, ABIHM. Dr. Blatman is a former president of the American Holistic Medical Association, and a past chair of the Integrative Medical Consortium. Dr. Blatman is a highly sought and frequent speaker at International Medical Conferences on pain and its treatment.

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